Dear Owner,

Generally in Spain, your Community has an insurance for the building.

In order to have a total cover on your property you just need to have an additional HOME INSURANCE POLICY. But make sure you are covered for any eventuality.

An insurance with a cover of 12.000 € contents, 18.000 € additional building, 1.800 € esthetical damage, 150.000 € public liability cover, would cost you approximately between 105 and 145 €, depending if you are resident or not and if you are in a top floor or down floor apartment. This policy would cover all your FURNITURE and PERSONAL BELONGINGS, against accidents (fire, earthquake, water damage from your own water pipes, etc) and theft. It also covers you against PUBLIC LIABILITY.

If you have just renewed your floor with marble or special tiles or if you have just re-tiled your kitchen or bathroom, you have special cover on esthetical damages, so that if there is a leak at any time and the same tiles are no longer available, the insurance company would RELAY the WHOLE floor.

Please note that community insurances do NOT always cover private water pipes, which would be covered with this kind of insurance!

Please do not hesitate in contacting us for any quotes.


Yours sincerely,


P. Michelle van Gaalen






Todo bajo el mismo techo-
Everything under one roof-Alles unter einen dach